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Four arrested in World Trade Center parachute jump

James Brady (left) and Andrew Rossig surrendered to police in New York City on 24 March 2014 Image copyright AP
Image caption James Brady (left) and Andrew Rossig were two of the four men arrested in connection with a World Trade Center base jump in September

Four men have been arrested in connection with a parachute jump off the World Trade Center in New York City last autumn, authorities say.

The suspects in the 30 September base jump are said to be three skydiving enthusiasts and an accomplice.

One of the jumpers reportedly worked on construction at the site.

The men face felony burglary and misdemeanor reckless endangerment charges for what officials have called "a disrespectful act".

"The Port Authority joins the [New York Police Department] in condemning this lawless and selfish act that clearly endangered the public," the Port Authority wrote in a statement.

'Very exhilarating'

Investigators had been searching for two parachutists, seen in dark jumpsuits floating near the unfinished skyscraper early on 30 September, before landing and walking away.

The suspects include Andrew Rossig, 33, James Brady, 32, Marko Markovich, 27, and Kyle Hartwell, 29.

Before surrendering to police on Monday, Mr Rossig told US media the jump was "very exhilarating".

"It's a fair amount of free-fall time," he said. "You really get to enjoy the view of the city and see it from a different perspective."

Police searched the homes of the suspects in February and confiscated a video of the jump, the Associated Press news agency reported.

The arrests of the four men come just days after a New Jersey teenager was accused of unlawfully entering the area amid lax security and spending two hours at the top of the 1,776-ft (540-m) tower.

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