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Steve Jobs house named a 'historic resource'

Steve Jobs' childhood house and garage where he and Steve Wozniak created the Apple computer is seen on 6 October 2011 in Los Altos, United States
Image caption Apple Computer moved to Cupertino after a year in the Los Altos house

The California house where Steve Jobs started Apple Computer has been designated a historic site by a Silicon Valley historical commission.

Any changes to the modest ranch-style house in Los Altos, which is already a tourist attraction, will now be subject to review by the commission.

Jobs, who started Apple in 1976, died in 2011 age 56.

His sister, the house's current owner, raised no objections, a Los Altos official told the BBC.

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Media captionPaul Collins reports on the garage that built Apple

The designation was unanimously agreed, with one member of the commission absent.

"It's something the community can be proud of," Zachary Dahl, a staff liaison to the commission, told the BBC.

Jobs, Steve Wozniak and several other early Apple employees built the first 100 Apple I computers in the living room and the garage of the house. The company later moved to Cupertino.

Mr Dahl said Jobs' stepmother currently lives in the house.

Image caption An Apple I computer, sold for $666.66 in 1976, bought for over $212,000 in 2010

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