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Canada's Ontario police make huge meth bust

image captionMore than 110,000 meth pills were seized in the raids

Five men have been charged following one of the largest drug busts in the history of Canada's Ontario province, police say.

Methamphetamine with a street value of C$40m (£24m) was seized at three drug labs in late July. One lab was guarded by a bear trap hidden by leaves.

Police said they recovered 120kg (264lb) of pure meth, enough to make four million pills.

Ontario police's Asian Organized Crime Task Force led the investigation.

Police spokesman Scott Tod said in a press release on Thursday: "Clandestine drug labs, and the drugs they manufacture, have a toxic and destructive impact on the lives of people, their communities and the environment."

One of the sites raided by the authorities yielded 3,400kg of chemicals. Police warned that such hazardous material can contaminate land and waterways when carelessly dumped.

More than 110,000 meth pills and C$81,000 were also seized.

The accused, all residents of Ontario, face a number of charges, including drug trafficking and possession of a controlled substance.

They are Jimmy Sut Jhing Ng, 55; Sui Yuan Zhao, 39; Kok King Chao, 49; Joey Sui Hung Mo, 45; and Chun Kit Wong, 28.

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