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Your questions to Katty Kay

BBC Washington correspondent Katty Kay
Image caption BBC Washington correspondent Katty Kay

Following the results of the US elections, BBC Washington correspondent Katty Kay answered your questions in a live Twitter Q&A on Wednesday 7 November 2012.

This is an edited version of the session.

Question from Sean on Facebook: Why is #Florida always the last to announce the results? Can't they count there?

Katty answers: They can count in two languages there! It's one of closest fought, most populous states so it takes longer

Question from @SHSPolitics: How have Dems been able to increase their senate seats? Is it due to akin/mourdock?

Katty answers: Yes. The GOP didn't do itself any favours with those two candidates

Question from @errant1977: Jeb Bush for GOP run in 2016? adage says without "Bush or Nixon on the ticket" they've never won since 28?

Katty answers: Hmm. In their dreams, yes. He can expand the party but his last name still isn't Smith and he's told me that's an issue

Question from @alyssaweis: How do you feel the legalization of marijuana in certain states will affect the rest of the nation?

Katty answers: For me, question is whether this is like gay marriage, part of a social/demographic trend - I'm not sure yet

Question from @lizrob92:Where do you think Mitt will go from here? esp. considering his own people in Mass. didn't vote for him?

Katty answers: He'll get some sleep, spend time with his family and then look at his future. I'd guess some non-profit, GOP leadership role

Michael in London asks: What is the future of the GOP after the re-election of Obama?

Katty answers: This is THE biggest question out of the election. GOP needs to be more inclusive, but may start w a conservative backlash

A friend on our BBC World News Facebook asks: Are you wearing your hipster glasses today?

Katty answers: My 16-year-old daughter says it's never good to be hipster anything! Does this mean I have to be blind again?

Image caption Katty Kay getting ready for the live Twitter Q&A in the BBC Washington bureau

Question from @benlhcarpenter: Why do Americans want change yet vote in the same man?

Katty answers: Understandably they aren't happy with the economy but they seem to have decided to give Obama's policies more time.

Question from @ds_andrews asks: What do you believe the #GOP'ers have to do to obtain more diverse votes? (Hispanic, African American etc.)

Katty answers: Changing their tone on immigration would help and signing up to comprehensive immigration reform would help even more.

Question from @Elly1J: What do you think would be the impact among the black people if Obama hadn't won?

Katty answers: The prospect of the first Af Am president being a 1-term president was part of what drove so many black voters to polls

Question from @NairnMcD: When will the inauguration be held for his second term?

Katty answers: This year it was due to be held on a Sunday, so it's been pushed back to Monday 21st January. It'll be chilly either way!

Michael in the UK asks: Could you explain why there is so much#Republican resistance to so called "Obamacare"?

Katty answers: Republicans believe Obamacare represents a costly, inefficient expansion of government. It was a big deal for GOP voters

Question from @jmesaghafi: Do you think #Obama has a strong mandate - given the dropoff in votes vs. '08 (9 million less)?

Katty answers: Remember, voters also chose to keep Republicans in the House, this was a vote for divided government

Question from @laurenlamack: What do you think the #GOP can do to become more "woman friendly" than they are/appear today?

Katty works: Ask Mr Mourdock and Mr Akin to keep quiet.

Question from @essex_tom: What should Obama's main priorities be in his second term of presidency?

Katty answers: First off is the budget but today Harry Reid mentioned immigration and climate change - expect to see both on the agenda

Question from @ChristopherJor5: What of Paul Ryan. Potential candidate for 2016?

Katty answers: Yes. At the Republican convention this year they were much more excited about Ryan than Romney

Question form @fergold: Why do so many Americans view socialism as some kind of evil?

Katty answers: Getting govt off your back is part of the American DNA, the pioneering spirit of individualism. It's also easy politics.

John Happ from Hingham, USA emails: Who will replace Mrs Clinton, now that the election is over?

Katty answers: I heard today that Hillary may stay for a bit longer to clear up Benghazi mess - beyond that Susan Rice or John Kerry

Question from @Steve_Map: Did you enjoy the election? Do the US have the same amount of coverage of the UK General Election?

Katty answers: Yes and no

Question from @SimenAndersen2: Is John Boehner really a nice guy? Doesnt seem like the most cooperative republican

Katty answers: I've never met him. I never hear that he isn't a nice guy

Question from @rhysbart: Who gets to keep the "Mitt Romney for President" plane? Does Mitt get to take it home ?

Katty answers: Even Gov Romney doesn't have a garage big enough for a plane. There was a rumour Bruce Springsteen was taking it on tour

Question from @robertch07: Without enjoying majority in house of representative, Can Obama pass any major bill?

Katty answers: Yes, if he can get compromise. That will take strong effective leadership

Question from @AndrewWork:Does Obama keep the same VP?

Katty answers: A snr WH official tells me Biden is there for the full four years and Obama has a lot of time for his VP

Q from @AmrNail: Now that Obama has been re-elected will the#republicans concede the fact that they have to increase taxes?

Katty answers: Speaker John Boehner has just said he knows revenue has to be part of the deal

Question from @dandemay: Any ideas on Dem candidate for 2016? Hillary perhaps?

Katty answers: Hillary, possibly. Rahm Emmanuel. Gov Martin O'Malley. Gov Hickenlooper - though I confess the name's a tad tricky

From Google+ user William D: Why wasn't there more coverage of Gary Johnson or other third party candidates?

Katty answers: Because they weren't going to win, or make a real impact on the race

Question from @MarkCWarner :How do you view the Tea Party's future in subsequent elections?

Katty answers: with confusion

Question from @RestlessRani: Think #Obama will act on pressure re action in #Syria?

Katty answers: There is still very little appetite for intervention in Syria, but he may have more freedom to focus on foreign issues now

Question from @CleverDemocrat: Puerto Rico voted in favor to be a US state, but will they actually become the 51st state of the US?

Katty answers: It would have to be voted on by Congress so chances are slim that GOP would approve a new hispanic state

Mike on Google+ asks: I'd like to know what's being said in Britain about the election's outcome?

Katty answers: After Romney's super successful trip to London this summer, Brits were mildly relieved not to see him elected

Katty says: Thank you for joining us today & following #election2012 with the BBC. Now go get some sleep! #AskKattyBBC

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