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Sandy: Staten Island before and after

Days after super-storm Sandy struck the US east coast, Staten Island is emerging as one of the worst-affected areas.

At least 19 people are dead in the island off the tip of Manhattan, a substantial proportion of the known death toll in New York City, despite being relatively sparsely populated.

Image caption Storm Sandy hit Staten Island hard, washing boats and debris into the streets and devastating homes.
Image caption Elaine Hague looks over her flooded back yard in the Ocean Breeze area of the low-lying island.
Image caption The North Dorp Beach area was particularly badly affected, especially Cedar Grove Drive which is the first road back from the ocean.
Image caption Residents in nearby Cedar Grove Court piled their drenched belongings in the street, after water flooded their houses
Image caption This boat from the natural harbour near Tennyson Drive was one of many picked up and dumped ashore by Sandy.
Image caption Boats were also washed up on the North East shore, near to the spot where Sunday's New York Marathon will start. Some Staten Island residents have voiced anger at the decision for the race to go ahead.
Image caption Public transport has also been hit as this picture from inside the Clifton train shed of the Staten Island Railway shows.