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Sandy: New Jersey before and after images

Super-storm Sandy, which wreaked havoc along the US east coast this week, has left more than 70 dead, cut power to millions and paralysed transport networks.

One of the worst-hit areas was New Jersey, where much of the coastline was inundated with seawater. New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie said the level of devastation was "unthinkable". Explore the before and after images below to see the damage.

Image caption The authorities in the New Jersey borough of Sea Bright have blocked access to all except essential personnel. Boats and houses were tossed around by Sandy’s high winds and floodwaters.
Image caption Many people living in and around Monmouth Beach remain without power. Boats were also washed ashore in the New Jersey town.
Image caption Water also breached the sand dunes at Chadwick Beach. President Barack Obama, who visited the wrecked Jersey Shoreline, has promised a direct line to White House staff for all affected states.
Image caption Large swathes of New Jersey's island coastline has been reduced to a wasteland of debris and ruined homes. Wealthy enclave Mantoloking was one of those areas worst hit.
Image caption Such was the storm surge that water reached far inland inundating this lorry park and business area in Mantoloking.
Image caption The police chief of Seaside Heights, one of New Jersey's barrier islands, has described his town as a scene of "total devastation”. Sandy wrecked the town's boardwalk and left many homes destroyed.
Image caption The tidal surge washed away the waterfront rides on Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, leaving the park's roller coaster sitting in the ocean. One resident said he had 10ft (3m) of water in his house within minutes of the island's dunes being breached.
Image caption Seawater swamped much of Harvey Cedars, a borough in Ocean County, New Jersey. Officials are now working to clear roads of sand and restore lost power supplies.