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US election: Daily Diet - 29 October

As the election looms, the bombardment of stories, figures and headlines can be overwhelming. But no longer - we've diced and sliced a daily helping of tasty political morsels for your consumption.

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With just eight days to go before the election, Hurricane Sandy disrupted the well-laid plans of political mice and men. But after tens of thousands of miles travelled on the campaign trail this month, the candidates may need a break.

Pictures of the day

On Sunday, Florida churches undertook a massive "souls to polls" operation to get voters from the church pews to the ballot box to cast an early vote. In Orlando, Pastor Eddie Walker of the In God's Time Tabernacle kept watch.

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Mitt Romney shuts his eyes for a moment as he talks to an adviser on the campaign plane. He probably wasn't taking a kip, though he might like to: one former campaign worker has said he felt like he was ageing a year with every day that passed on the campaign trail.

Quote of the day

We're at a rare, and perhaps fleeting, moment when each campaign thinks it PROBABLY will win, but isn't SURE. The confident Obamans have seen their mortality; pessimistic Republicans have seen the promised land.

Mike Allen, author of widely read political tip sheet Politico Playbook, on the state of the race on Monday morning, with the election eight days out.

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Random stat

41,000 - Rough number of miles collectively travelled on the campaign trail by the presidential candidates in the last month.

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News in a swing state

The Roanoke Times marks the incoming storm.

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