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Veteran US Senator Harry Reid in hospital

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, speaks at a news conference, 12 October 2012
Image caption Senator Harry Reid has served in Congress since 1987

US Senator Harry Reid has been taken to hospital after he was involved in a car crash on a highway through Las Vegas, the senator's office confirms.

Sen Reid suffered bruising to his ribs and hips and walked into hospital, a statement said.

The collision reportedly involved some six vehicles, including four cars in the senator's motorcade.

The 72-year-old Nevada Democrat is the Democratic Senate majority leader, and has served in Congress since 1987.

The crash happened on Friday afternoon near the Las Vegas Strip, at around 13:15 local time (20:15 GMT).

Other members of the senator's staff suffered minor injuries and were also taken to hospital for evaluation.

Sen Reid was in Las Vegas to deliver an address at the dedication of the National Atomic Testing Museum.

At the time of the crash he was on his way to meet the editorial board of a Spanish-language newspaper, local media reported.