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Your questions to Katty Kay

BBC Washington correspondent Katty Kay
Image caption BBC Washington correspondent Katty Kay

Ahead of the US elections, BBC Washington correspondent Katty Kay has answered your questions in a live Twitter Q&A on Thursday 25 October.

This is an edited version of the session.

John in Scotland emails: Is it not the case that USA's presidential election is a totally money driven event?

Katty answers: $2 billion will be spent on this campaign but events matter too. His victory at the Denver debate didn't cost Romney a cent.

Question from @Evolve69: Why are US ballots so complicated? Why not a simple, identical, nationwide ballot with candidates names? Cheers.

Katty answers: Because each ballot has the presidential & all the local candidates as well.

Question from @TheFreeMason: Never mind what the polls say, who's REALLY in the lead at this point?

Katty answers: Short of a crystal ball - we sort of do have to rely on the polls. Sorry. But I think it is neck & neck

Question from @MikeBgolfing: 4 years ago Mitt got smoked in the primaries. What has changed to make him a viable candidate now?

Katty answers: Voters are disappointed with Obama. Romney has economic credentials & being the GOP nominee automatically gives him status.

Ewan, Scotland emails: In the event of a tie, what happens? Could President + Vice-President come from different parties?

Katty answers: If it's 269 to 269 electoral college votes, the House of Representatives chooses the president and the Senate picks the vice-president

Question from @sophie2709: Should US voters consider the world's view, which gives Obama the most backing internationally?

Katty answers: It's complicated. In 2004 Bush used global antipathy towards him to win support at home. But having friends abroad is useful.

Question from @_Stephen_Adams: There have been more female than male voters in every election since 80. Will women decide this race?

Katty answers: The campaigns seem to think so! More women vote than men in US elections, so Romney & Obama are fighting hard for female support.

Image caption Katty Kay getting ready for the live Twitter Q&A in the BBC Washington bureau

Question from @Mysterion3000: From the photo, it looks like your BBC News US office needs more natural lighting.

Katty answers: It needs more everything!

Question from @strmrgn: Which Senate race do you feel is the most important to watch, and will the Democrats retain control of the senate?

Katty answers: We are watching six key Senate races. I'm focused on Massachusetts. It looks like the Democrats will hold the Senate

Andrea in the Netherlands emails: Could adverse weather like snow or hurricanes tip the balance in swing states on the day?

Katty answers: This election is so tight that yes I think snow, rain, or Sandy could affect turn out and the result.

Question from @lucyglewis: Which candidate do you think has the most momentum behind them at this stage?

Katty answers: Romney has had momentum since the first debate - I do know Obama campaign is watching this very closely.

Will Gorman in UK emails: Why were both so defensive when another candidate questioned their commitment to Israel?

Katty answers: US sees Israel as key ally in Middle East but no one running for President wants to alienate the power and money of the Jewish lobby.

Question from @redkoko: How does Romney winning election change USA/UK relations? International opinions on Romney?

Katty answers: Romney didn't win himself any friends in London - but I think the relationship will still be special, essential and strong.

Question from @rhysdgriffiths: Do you think it's a shame the other four tickets on the ballot get absolutely no airtime whatsoever?

Katty answers: It is a 2 party state and they won't win but the BBC has covered them.

Question from @Bergomi134: Why is Ohio so important/integral to the US Election?

Katty answers: Ohio is a microcosm of US. It has agriculture, manufacturing, energy, rural and urban areas. No Republican has won White House without it

Lars Tornfeldt in Sweden emails: Can Mitt Romney swear the presidential oath on the book of Mormon.

Katty answers: It would be a first! But unlikely. He took the oath as Governor of Massachusetts on the same Bible his father used in Michigan.

Question from @FunkyZedo: Why are voters disappointed with Obama - he created 5 million jobs, ended Iraq war, Bin Ladin killed, etc?

Katty answers: Expectations for Obama were high. The economy is still struggling. Unemployment is 7.8%. Not all his fault.

Question from @SmartGuyLA: Do you think there's any appetite to abolish the electoral college, a clearly outdated 18th centurey relic?

Katty answers: No.

Question from @MertensA Which state do you think will surprise people and vote against the candidate that polling suggests is leading?

Katty answers: Hmm...perhaps Florida. Romney is up but the Puerto Rican vote could tip it to Obama.

Richard in London emails: What time do you think we'll see a clear result next Tuesday night? How late will I be staying up?

Katty answers: In 2008 the election was called by 11PM - this time it could be later. It depends on a few tight counties in Ohio.

For more tweets from Katty Kay you can follow her Twitter account: @KattyKayBBC

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