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US election: Daily Diet - 23 October

As the election looms, the bombardment of stories, figures and headlines can be overwhelming. But no longer - we've diced and sliced a daily helping of tasty political morsels for your consumption.

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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney had it out over foreign policy, and a US television network polls Americans who are too young to cast a ballot - but may still decide the election.

Picture of the day

Vice-president Joe Biden was on the bench last night, but like a good supporting teammate, he didn't spend the time relaxing.

Pen and notepad in hand, Biden watched the debate with daughter Ashley Biden in a hotel room in Toledo, Ohio.

Quote of the day

Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets

Obama mocked Romney's assertion that the US Navy had fewer ships, and that Obama had put America in danger by not increasing the size of America's military. Obama was awarded the "zinger", but some pundits said he sounded snide and patronising.

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Tweet of the day

I've seen wider ideological differences between Jehovah's Witnesses

Liberal comedian Bill Maher mocked the similarities between Obama's and Romney's foreign policy positions. Funny that swing state voters can indeed expect a knock on the door from the candidates' supporters.

Random stat

65 - Percentage of children in US children's television network Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President vote who chose Barack Obama, in online ballots.

The network's straw poll has foreshadowed the results of the general election all but once since 1988; In 2004, children picked Democrat John Kerry over then-President George W Bush.

Ad of the day

Ahead of the debate Romney campaign hit with an advert called Healed.

The spot rehashes the president's remarks at a 2008 speech that his ascendance marked the moment that "our planet began to heal", then features clips from news shows highlighting trouble spots around the world - and a glowering Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu and Romney are old mates from their days working at the same consulting firm in Boston in the 1970s.

News from a swing state

The Daytona News-Journal in Florida puts the "fight to the finish" and a police shooting on its front page.

Policy wonk point of the day

The president and vice-president are forbidden to come from the same state.

This ban was written into the US constitution from the start, when the US only had 13 states and most of the political power resided in just two - Virginia and Massachusetts.

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