Obama eyes return to teaching after White House

media captionPresident Obama and his wife Michelle appear on ABC talk show 'The View'

President Barack Obama has told American TV network ABC that he wants to return to education when he leaves the presidency.

"I love teaching, I miss teaching," he said, adding that his priority was to win a second term in the White House.

President Obama lectured at the University of Chicago's law school for 12 years before he joined the Senate.

His appearance with First Lady Michelle Obama on daytime talk show "The View" is seen as an appeal to women voters.

Six weeks before the election, Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney's campaign team has criticised Mr Obama's decision to fit in the recorded TV interview during a short visit to New York for the UN General Assembly.

Unlike in previous years, President Obama has not scheduled meetings with any other international leaders, notably Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr Romney said on Monday he found that "very troubling".

'Different vision'

Although the US president and first lady were given a mainly easy ride, one of the four co-hosts - Elisabeth Hasselbeck - pursued the president on foreign policy and asked whether he had failed America's middle class.

"Everything that we've done has been designed to deal with not only the immediate crisis, but make sure that the middle class, which had been struggling for a decade before that, is feeling more secure," he said.

He had a "different vision" from Mr Romney on taxation, he said, criticising his opponent's belief that it was "fair that he pays a lower tax rate than somebody who's making $50,000 a year".

Asked by another of the hosts, Barbara Walters, what he saw himself doing after the presidency, he singled out "working with kids".

"I'm not sure it would necessarily be in the classroom, but the idea of being able to go around in various cities and helping to create mentorships and apprenticeships, and just giving young people the sense of possibility and opportunity," he said.

When Ms Walters suggested that his wife should run for the White House, the president agreed that she would be "terrific, but temperamentally I just don't think that...". At which point Michelle Obama intervened: "It's absolutely true," she said, explaining that she did not have the patience to be president of the United States.

The taped programme, to be broadcast on Tuesday, will be followed a few hours later by Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, who is due to appear on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" on NBC.

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