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Canada police find second body part in post

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Media captionLee Carter: "The police in Ottawa confirmed they found a second body part"

Canadian police investigating a parcel containing a human foot say they have discovered a second package containing a body part at a post office in Ottawa.

A blood-soaked package containing a human foot was delivered to the offices of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative Party on Tuesday.

The second package contains a hand, according to media reports.

Police are assessing links to the discovery of a torso in a suitcase in Montreal.

Officers were called to the headquarters of the Conservative Party on Tuesday after a woman at the front desk partially opened the package, reports say.

The package, which was delivered by Canada Post, was not addressed to a specific person, but to the Conservative Party of Canada, police say.

Flies and maggots

The package was X-rayed, and police have now confirmed it was a human foot. They will not say whether it is a right or left foot, and whether it belonged to a man or a woman.

The second package was discovered in the course of the investigation, but police will not say who it was addressed to.

The torso in Montreal, which is about 200km (125 miles) east of Ottawa, was discovered by a janitor in a pile of rubbish. Police there are now searching the area for further human remains.

The janitor, Mike Nadeau, 49, told the Ottawa Citizen that he had noticed a smell coming from the suitcase in the past few days.

"I noticed flies and when I looked closer I saw maggots," he told them.

"I got a friend and we got some cutters because there was a little lock on the suitcase. What I saw when we opened it is hard to describe. There was no head and (the torso) was all grey."

The investigation is being run by Canada's major crimes unit. Post mortems on the body parts are expected to be carried out in the next few days.

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