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US student steers school bus after driver collapses


A young US student steered a school bus to safety after the driver apparently had a heart attack while driving.

Jeremy Wuitschick, 13, took control of the wheel and steered the bus to the side of the road in Milton, Washington, before starting CPR on the driver.

Another student, Johnny Wood, trained in first aid, also helped him, while others phoned emergency services.

Police said all 12 students on the bus were unhurt, but the driver was in a "grave condition" in hospital.

The bus was approaching Surprise Lake Middle School on Monday when the driver became ill, passing out and letting go of the wheel.

Footage from a surveillance camera on the bus showed the driver fainting, and Jeremy running up to steer the bus and remove the keys from the ignition.

'Quick thinking'

Speaking to US broadcasters, he said that he had acted on instinct.

"I was just thinking 'I don't want to die'," he told KING-TV.

Other students on the bus called the emergency services, while Jeremy and Johnny started chest compressions on the driver.

A school administrator, John McCrossin, boarded the bus and continued the CPR until the police arrived.

Police praised the students for their quick thinking and stopping the bus safely.

Students are trained in emergency procedures, including what to do if a bus driver is incapacitated, Deputy Schools Superintendent Jeff Short told The News Tribune.

"It's just for this type of situation," he said. "I think they did an outstanding job."