A slice of American life as David Cameron visits

David Cameron (left) and Barack Obama at UN General Assembly in New York City on 21 September 2011 Image copyright Getty Images

David Cameron will arrive in Washington to meet President Obama later on Tuesday and then they will go to Ohio together to watch a baseball game, before discussions focusing on Afghanistan, Syria and Iran.

In a joint article in the Washington Post, the two men say the USA and the UK have an "essential" relationship.

President Obama is really rolling out the red carpet for David Cameron, who's travelling with his wife, Samantha, as well as the foreign secretary and the chancellor.

They'll be greeted by a crowd on the White House lawn, then Mr Cameron will be the first foreign leader to travel with this president on Air Force One.

Business and glamour

They are going to see a basketball game in Ohio. The president is passionate about the sport and British diplomats say the prime minister sees the invitation as a compliment, stressing the value the president places on their friendship.

The serious business comes later, but in their joint article the two men call the relationship between the two countries special because "we count on each other and the world counts on our alliance".

It goes on to say they will discuss Afghanistan, which they describe as "a difficult mission"; Iran, where they agree there is time for a diplomatic solution; and Syria, where they say they will tighten the noose around President Assad.

There is a lot of serious business, but there will also be a lot of glamour, ending with a state dinner in the White House.