Protesters circle NY's Zuccotti Park

Zuccotti Park 15 November 2011 Image copyright bbc
Image caption New York Mayor Bloomberg says the park will remain closed until the issue of the court order is settled

Protesters are circling Zuccotti Park, chanting: "Whose park? Our park!" while the space inside has been thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned. Earlier this morning the smell of disinfectant was in the air.

The protesters firmly believe that a court order means that they should be allowed back into the square. That is the interpretation of the protesters' lawyers, too.

But the police - in full riot gear - do not agree and are ringing the metal barriers that are blocking off the park.

The mood seems to change by the minute. For a few moments it is angry and confrontational. Then the demonstration seems almost dutiful, by rote, and then there is a sudden mood of celebration as a trumpet plays a Mariachi tune.

One man tells me that they are going to force their way back in. He tells me: "There is a tsunami on the way."

Another man warns the police: "We're on for a rumble."

But they are very much in the minority and there are a large number of people carrying banners urging non-violence.

What really interested me was talking to some construction workers who are working on the World Trade Center site.

They all tell me the same thing: first, they are glad the protesters have gone and the space where they used to eat their sandwiches or smoke a cigarette is now clean again. They say the protesters were "riff-raff".

But to a man and woman, they seem almost amazed when I ask about their cause.

"Of course they're right. The banks got the bail out, didn't they? We didn't."