Air Canada plane dumps fuel off Sydney

image captionThe Boeing 777 is a trans-continental aircraft used around the world

An Air Canada plane has been forced to dump its fuel and return to the runway shortly after taking off from Sydney, Australia, reports say.

The Boeing 777, carrying 267 passengers, landed safely after aborting its flight to Vancouver.

The pilot chose to dump the fuel after smoke was seen in the plane's galley, Air Canada said.

The pilot did not declare an emergency but dumped the fuel and returned to Sydney, an Air Canada official said.

Jeannie Foster, general manager for Australia and New Zealand, said smoke was detected coming from an oven in the aircraft's galley.

Early reports of a fire on board the plane were incorrect, she said.

"There was smoke seen by a crew member in an oven so the captain made the right decision and decided to come back to Sydney to check it out as a safety precaution," Ms Foster told the Associated Press.

"They had to dump fuel because it's a very heavy airplane with 15 hours worth of fuel to get to Canada."