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Memphis flooding: Your stories

The southern US city of Memphis is coping with flood levels not seen since the 1930s.

The flooding, caused by melting snow and heavy rain, has caused the Mississippi River to peak at just under 48ft (14.6m).

BBC News website readers from Memphis have been sharing their stories.

Bethany Harrell

I live on Mud Island. I moved here from Florida in December.

You have to go via a bridge to get to our house and we've tried to lift the road more with gravel and sand.

The water's been coming up higher and higher but luckily it hasn't reached our road yet.

As I come from Florida, I'm used to floods but watching the river rising because of how much water there is, is another experience entirely.

It's surreal watching the news and seeing the water on the island. I know of people whose homes have been submerged, so I guess we are lucky where we are.

Some of the shops are still open and people are hanging out taking pictures. Some people are even out fishing.

Pat Jorgensen

I live in east Memphis but I have been going down to Riverside Drive in downtown to see the rising water levels. I feel it's important for me to go and document this because the water is the highest I have ever seen.

The flooding has been fairly well contained and so the numbers of homes that have been submerged are a lot less than they could have been.

I think it's because of the flood walls that they put in place after the record February 1937 waters. They are working as they were intended - and that's reassuring to know.

The floods have been dramatic. There are boats floating above eye-level. The atmosphere has been rather subdued. People are just in awe of how high the river has become.

Peter Lyons

I moved out here from Southampton, England about 18 years ago. Although there is severe flooding downtown, the local media has over-hyped everything, panicking a certain portion of the population.

Most of the city is in good condition. People shouldn't be too worried but should stay calm.

I live in the suburbs and we have had some flooding here in the fields but the damage has been minor.

I feel for people who have had their homes submerged in water. I'm happy to donate my time or money to those in need but when you look at this in context, it could have been a lot worse.

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