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Webcam death: Molly Wei deal over Clementi suicide

Molly Wei in court, New Jersey, 6 May
Image caption Molly Wei, pictured, and Dharun Ravi allegedly spied on Tyler Clementi using a computer in her room

A former Rutgers University student charged after allegedly spying on a classmate who then committed suicide has reached a deal with prosecutors.

Two counts of invasion of privacy against Molly Wei will be dropped if she co-operates with the prosecution of another student, Dharun Ravi.

Ms Wei and Mr Ravi are accused of using a webcam to spy on Tyler Clementi, 18, during a homosexual encounter. He then jumped to his death from a bridge.

Mr Ravi denies the charges against him.

Under the deal agreed with prosecutors in New Jersey, Ms Wei was accepted into a pre-trial intervention programme and must comply with a series of conditions.

The 19-year-old could avoid serving time in prison and have her criminal record erased in three years if she co-operates with prosecutors, completes 300 hours of community service and holds a job, the Associated Press reports.

Image caption Tyler Clementi, a musician, jumped off the George Washington Bridge on 22 September last year

Mr Clementi's parents said they accepted Ms Wei's agreement with the court.

She and Mr Ravi both withdrew from Rutgers University in New Jersey following the incident last autumn.

Mr Ravi was charged last month with bias intimidation, invasion of privacy, witness- and evidence-tampering and other offences.

He was already facing invasion of privacy charges, alongside Ms Wei.

The charges came after Mr Clementi's family called for a criminal investigation into the case.

Gay rights organisations have said Mr Clementi's suicide is an example of a nationwide problem - young people killing themselves after being bullied over their sexuality.

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