Air France jet clips small plane at New York airport

media captionBoth planes have been grounded pending an investigation

An Air France Airbus has clipped the tail of a commuter plane while taxiing at New York's John F Kennedy Airport.

The smaller Comair jet could be seen turning violently on its wheels as a shower of sparks fell from the impact point just after 2000 on Monday.

The Paris-bound Airbus A380 carried 495 passengers and 25 crew, Air France said. The Comair jet had 62 passengers and four crew. No-one was injured.

The flight recorders from both aircraft will be reviewed, investigators said.

The aircraft were towed to a nearby hangar for inspection by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said it was investigating the incident.

"Preliminary reports indicate that the left wing tip of Air France flight 7 struck the left horizontal stabilizer of Comair flight 293 while the Comair airplane was taxiing to its gate," the NTSB said in a statement.

Air France said it would co-operate with the investigation.