Bronx Zoo's missing Egyptian cobra found

image captionThe Bronx Zoo's Egyptian cobra was found coiled in a dark corner of the reptile house

The Bronx Zoo's missing deadly Egyptian cobra has been found "alive and well".

The 20in (50cm) venomous snake was discovered in the zoo's reptile house on Thursday morning, nearly a week after it escaped.

Officials say the cobra was coiled in a dark corner of the reptile house and that it is in good health.

The zoo's reptile house has been closed since the snake went missing last Friday but officials say they hope to reopen it soon.

"When we are certain that the snake is in good condition, we will reopen the Reptile House and plan to have the animal on exhibit," a statement by the zoo said.

The zoo spread the good news via Twitter, saying: "FOUND! Bronx Zoo cobra found alive & well in Reptile House in non-public area. The key was patience."

Zoo officials had earlier said they were confident the adolescent Egyptian cobra was hiding in a non-public area of the Reptile House but conceded that finding it would be difficult.

In the days that it was missing, the snake became something of a celebrity, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers on a Twitter account set up in its name.

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