Tweeting the American Dream

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Can you define the American Dream in 140 characters or less? This last week, the BBC asked viewers to tweet their definition of the American Dream. The BBC's Franz Strasser has collected a few of them.

Start Quote

The American Dream is the achievement of a life free of material/economic suffering; A materialistic nirvana.”

End Quote @crkenney

Start Quote

The #americandream is the freedom to actively pursue what makes you happy in life, what ever that means personally.”

End Quote @erindanielle

Dreaming on the road:

Start Quote

Had the #americandream last night. Was driving West in a beat-up Dodge Charger. Bird on the stereo, Jackson Pollock riding shotgun.”

End Quote @DavidKeech

Start Quote

It's driving across this remarkable land - from the Golden Gate to Monument Valley, from Bourbon Street to Gotham.”

End Quote @bluehelm

Pillow talk:

Start Quote

"It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it" - George Carlin”

End Quote @opirmusic

Start Quote

A TV in every room, a gun under every pillow.”

End Quote @worldgal69

Money, money, money:

Start Quote

The American dream is believing that success and wealth are directly proportionate to how hard one works.”

End Quote @Marianna_MD

Start Quote

The American Dream is to make as much money while doing as little work as possible.”

End Quote @bzrong

Almost poetic:

Start Quote

The #americandream is when caterpillars believe they can become butterflies, regardless of their size, speed or color.”

End Quote @AdibMattar

Start Quote

The American dream is just that, a dream, an idea, a belief, that no matter how impossible, anything is possible.”

End Quote @bellamarie

Only in America:

Start Quote

As an immigrant in grade school I learned English by watching Bugs Bunny - Now I'm his lawyer.”

End Quote @changesq

You can still join the debate by tweeting your definition @BBC_WNA and be sure to include #americandream in your tweet.

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