Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen shot dead

image captionThe front passenger window of Ms Chasen's car was shattered, possibly in the shooting

A prominent Hollywood publicist has been shot dead behind the wheel of her car on a Beverly Hills street.

Early on Tuesday police found Ronni Chasen shot multiple times in the chest in her Mercedes Benz, which had crashed into a lamp post.

Ms Chasen, 64, had just attended the premiere of the Cher movie Burlesque, which she had been promoting, US media reported.

Police said they had identified no suspects or motives in the case.

Found alive

"She wasn't a shady character," fellow publicist Howard Bragman told the Associated Press.

image captionRonni Chasen had attended a film premiere before she was killed

"It's a small community and she was one of the fixtures in it."

Nahid Shekarchian, a longtime resident of the block where Ms Chasen crashed, told the Los Angeles Times that shortly after midnight she heard several gunshots in quick succession, told her daughter-in-law to phone authorities, then went to investigate.

She said she saw the driver bleeding profusely, and the front passenger's side window shattered. The driver was breathing heavily and unresponsive, but still alive. Ms Chasen died in hospital shortly after.