Workers exposed to 9/11 dust face pay deal deadline

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Many say they were sickened by dust from the pulverised buildings

Thousands of workers exposed to toxic dust after the 2001 terror attacks in New York must decide on Monday whether to accept a $712m (£441m) legal settlement.

Firefighters, labourers and police have sued the city and dozens of companies.

They say they were not properly protected during the rescue and clean-up efforts, with some then falling ill.

The deal only takes effect if 95% opt to accept rather than continue the fight in court on their own.

'Still not enough'

Many of the roughly 10,000 plaintiffs say the settlement is flawed but preferable to a protracted court fight.

"It's still not enough money for what I'm going through and what my family is going through - but something is better than nothing," retired New York police detective Joseph Greco, 42, told the newspaper Newsday.

Mr Greco, who worked at Ground Zero in Manhattan following the 9/11 attacks, suffers from respiratory problems.

Paul Napoli, a lawyer representing most of the plaintiffs, told the Associated Press that the legal team was pressing plaintiffs to accept the deal.

Individual plaintiffs will receive payments based on the severity of their illnesses and the likelihood they can be linked to the attacks.

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