US election at a glance: 1 Nov


One day before voters go to the polls, President Barack Obama taped a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest for the radio and TV host's nationally syndicated radio programme. Seacrest, who is the host of popular TV show American Idol, said the interview would run on Tuesday.

Former President Bill Clinton rallied supporters in New York, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, where he told an enthusiastic crowd in the town of McKeesport that his priority was making sure people turned out to vote.

Democrats and Republicans alike appeared on a host of early morning television programmes.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine and Mr Steele appeared on the ABC network's show Good Morning America, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois and Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas were interviewed on NBC's Today show and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour was on CBS's The Early Show.

Mr Steele said: "We're hoping now for a fresh start with the American people."

A 24-minute campaign spot for Republican Christine O'Donnell finally began to air on a local Delaware television channel, as she makes a final push in the state's Senate contest. The Tea Party darling had earlier criticised WBOC-TV for failing to run the advert.

On her Twitter account, Ms O'Donnell said the channel "forgot" to air the video ad, despite her campaign having paid for the air time.

Quote - Unquote

"I probably should have used the word opponents instead of enemies," said President Barack Obama, speaking about a comment he made a week ago in an interview with Univision radio.

"I need you in the next few hours. Don't hope someone else will work harder than you. You need to knock on that extra door. You need to make that extra phone call," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid while speaking alongside First Lady Michelle Obama at a Nevada rally.

"Don't tell me I can't do this in Washington," said Democratic West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, campaigning for the state's Senate seat. He added: "If you think I'm going to be a rubber stamp, you've got another thing to think about."

"You blew it, President Obama. We gave you the two years to fulfil your promise of making sure that our economy starts roaring back to life again," says Tea Party favourite Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008 and a former governor of Alaska, on Fox News.

Key Numbers

A Reuters poll indicates that Republicans will pick up 52 seats on Tuesday night, leaving them with a 27-seat majority in the House of Representatives.

In its final pre-election poll, Gallup gave Republicans a 55% to 40% lead over Democrats in a congressional ballot test among likely voters.

Daily Picture

Image caption, Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller from Alaska rallied supporters in Anchorage with only a day to go before the mid-term elections

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