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'Lustful' street may get new name

Residents of Lustful Court in the American state of Georgia have been told they must start a petition if they want a less provocative street name.

County commissioner Lonzy Edwards raised the possibility of a name change at a Tuesday evening board meeting after receiving complaints.

"I just believe that that does not reflect well on our community or the people who live in that area," he said.

Authorities do not know where the tiny street's name originated.

Yoshonda Patterson, who rents a property on Lustful Court, Macon, hopes that people will stop getting the wrong idea about the neighbourhood if the name is changed, the Associated Press reported.

Other locals say they are met with laughter and confusion when they reveal their address.

But one man who has lived in the area for 40 years said he did not care about the name, a local television station reported.

Macon is about 90 miles south of Atlanta.

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