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California building explosion kills two

media captionAerial footage shows the building which has been damaged by the explosion

Two people have died after a two-storey industrial building exploded in Los Angeles, California, officials say.

One victim was electrocuted by a 34,500-volt power line that was brought down and another died when he was hurled into the street by the blast.

The explosion occurred at about 0615 local time (1115 GMT).

The cause of the blast remains under investigation, but officials suspect a natural gas leak caused the disaster.

"I was very lucky," worker Daniel Ibarra told the Associated Press news agency. Mr Ibarra had stepped out of the building to take the rubbish out when the blast hit.

A search-and-rescue team sent dogs into the debris to find a person they thought might be trapped.

Fire Captain Steve Ruda said the dogs did not detect anyone and that large equipment would soon be brought to the site to move the rubble and continue the search.

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