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Pakistan suicide bomber kills two policemen in Nowshera

Map of federally administered tribal areas

A suspected suicide bomber has killed two policemen and injured seven others in northwest Pakistan, police said.

The attack took place in the Nowshera area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Police said one of the dead policemen, Ajmeer Shah, may have been the target.

Mr Shah had killed a prominent local Taliban commander, Jannat Gul, in a shootout a month ago.

Police said he had received threats from the Taliban and survived several attempts on his life.

Bits of the exploded suicide vest and parts of the limbs of the suspected suicide bomber have been recovered from the scene of the attack, police said.

They said the bomber was probably on foot, and set off the blast by a roadside near Risalpur town just as Mr Shah passed by in his private Land Cruiser jeep.

Mr Shah's driver was also killed in the attack. A police guard in the vehicle was injured.

Nowshera district has been the scene of several suicide attacks in recent months, the BBC's M Ilyas Khan reports from Islamabad.

The district is home to a major army garrison and an air force academy.