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Widow of Pakistani shot by Raymond Davis kills herself

image captionDoctors said they were unable to save Shumaila Faheem

The widow of a Pakistani man who was killed by a US official has killed herself by taking poison.

In her dying statement, Shumaila said she feared the American would be released without trial, police and doctors said.

Her husband, Mohammad Faheem, and another man were shot dead by Raymond Davis in Lahore last month.

The US embassy has called for Mr Davis to be freed, saying he has diplomatic status and is immune from prosecution.

Mr Davis has admitted that he shot the men but says he acted in self-defence because they were trying to rob him.

A court in Lahore has barred officials from freeing Mr Davis and ordered them to place his name on the "exit control list" to stop him leaving Pakistan.

He has been sent into custody while police investigate the case.

'Blood for blood'

"Faheem's wife Shumaila has died," news agency AFP quoted doctor Yasin Hashmi, head of Faisalabad city's Allied Hospital, as saying.

"Doctors tried hard to save her life but could not succeed and she died a short while ago," he said.

"I do not expect any justice from this government," the Associated Press quoted her as saying in a statement recorded by the doctor before she died.

"That is why I want to kill myself."

AP reported that Shumaila also spoke to reporters after arriving at the hospital, saying: "I want blood for blood."

"The way my husband was shot, his killer should be shot in the same fashion," she said.

Mr Davis is charged on two counts - murder and possession of illegal weapons. He is due back in court on 11 February.

Pakistan's government has asked the court for time to determine whether Mr Davis has diplomatic immunity or not.

The authorities previously said he was not among foreign security personnel authorised to carry firearms in the country.

The US embassy in Islamabad has argued that he is a consulate employee who acted in "self-defence when confronted by two armed men on motorcycles" on 27 January.

Mr Davis is said to have told police that the motorcycle rider and his pillion passenger tried to hijack his vehicle at gunpoint.

As Mr Davis' colleagues came to his aid, their vehicle ran over and killed a third person.

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