Daniel Pearl's killers 'wrongly convicted' - report


The four men imprisoned for the murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan nine years ago did not carry out the beheading, according to an investigation by US journalists.

Asra Nomani of the Pearl Project told the BBC World Service that a new investigation focused on the video of Mr Pearl' s beheading because it was "the only evidence we have pointing us to the actual murderer".

She said the CIA and the FBI had compared the hand of the killer seen in the video with the hand of al-Qaeda's number three Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who had confessed to the murder.

"It's through that vein-analysis that they got the proof that they needed that Khalid Sheik Mohammed's confession to killing Danny was true," Ms Nomani told the BBC.

The investigation by the Pearl Project concluded that altogether 27 people were involved in the kidnapping of the Wall Street Journal reporter.