Delta Airlines jet searched after Mumbai landing

image captionDelta requested a rescreening of cargo on landing at Mumbai

A Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam has been evacuated and searched after landing at Mumbai airport in western India.

Flight 70, carrying 244 passengers, was taken to a secure area after reports of suspicious cargo in the hold.

A Delta employee in Amsterdam had informed the pilot about the unidentified object, officials said.

The cargo was later given the all clear after being found not to have any suspicious materials.

The plane touched down at 2300 local time (0530GMT).

A Delta spokesman said: "Upon landing in Mumbai, we requested a precautionary rescreening of a cargo shipment on board flight 70. All passengers were safely deplaned and we are cooperating with authorities in their assessment."

Airport spokesman Manish Kalghatgi told Associated Press news agency the plane was inspected by bomb squads and airport security officials.

Mumbai (Bombay) airport continued to operate normally.

The incident comes two days before the arrival at Mumbai airport of US President Barack Obama, who is beginning a 10-day Asia visit.

Airports remain on high alert following the discovery of two parcel bombs sent from Yemen last week.