Sri Lanka launches anti-porn initiative

By Swaminathan Natarajan
BBC Tamil

Image caption, Critics say the drive will not work when sex can be widely seen on DVDs

A Sri Lankan court has allowed police to publish photographs of local porn actors in the media in an effort to break up a porn ring.

The authorities hope the move will help them to restrict the ever-increasing flow of internet porn.

"We have downloaded the photographs of actors who have become infamous by acting in porn movies," police spokesman Prishantha Jayakody said.

"We will identify these people and stop them. Their activities are illegal."

Police say they are looking for about 80 porn actors who all face imprisonment.

"We have photographs of them from a particular web site. As yet, we don't know their age or other details."

Proliferation of porn

Police say that catching the offenders will make it easier for them to arrest others involved in the making and distribution of pornography.

They have stressed they are not planning to give cash rewards for information leading to an arrest.

"We will be releasing the photos of the actors as soon as possible. We are doing our best to stop the spread of cyber porn and all other forms of porn. We are determined to put a stop this," Mr Jayakody said.

In recent years there has been a proliferation of locally-made porn content on the web.

Many of these sites have made considerable amounts of money, even though the pictures are of poor quality and mostly shot using mobile phones.

Some of the content is believed to include images of naked women that have been put on the net without their knowledge - usually by their boyfriends.

Critics say the action of the police will not work because many of the women who act in porn films either do so unwittingly or under duress - and to reveal their identities would mean they are doubly victimised.

They say that such a drive is worthless when large amounts of porn will still be widely available on DVDs.

The authorities say that they are also planning to block websites which show international porn.

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