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Ayodhya verdict: Indian reaction

Members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal set off firecrackers in Amritsar on September 30, 2010
Image caption Some people celebrated after the court verdict

People in India have been sending in their reaction to a court decision to split a disputed holy site in the city of Ayodhya between Hindus and Muslims.

In a majority verdict, judges gave control of the main disputed section, where a mosque was torn down in 1992, to Hindus.

Other parts of the site will be controlled by Muslims and a Hindu sect.

Against the verdict

I am not satisfied with this verdict at all. This is not a verdict - it's only pacifying the problem. A court must give a verdict on what is right and what is wrong. They cannot share a baby equally to every mum who claims the baby is hers. Really, our court failed to give the right verdict. Maniyogi, Kerala

A disappointing verdict. The court struck a compromise solution which is not the right one. However, keeping the Indian sentiment, which can get irrational in times like these, the greater good of preserving peace, even though temporarily, may have just been achieved by attempting to please everyone. Shreyas Satish, Bangalore

I don't like the judgement. How can the land belong to any community? The land should belong to India's secular government. Judgement should fulfil the aspiration of present and future India, and not history. The land should not be controlled by any religious group. A secular committee should make the best use of the land that benefits the common man of all groups. This way the ideal of Lord Ram and Lord Mohammad both can be respected. The government could allot land elsewhere for religious activity of different communities. How can judges make this decision? Division is against unity. The problem cannot be solved in this way. I think the people should appeal to the government to extend their power. Aloka Sarkar, Mumbai

It should be land for the Indians, for no religion is superior to others. So everything on this site should be razed to the ground and a green park should be set up where the children of my country can walk shoulder to shoulder irrespective of their inherited religious divides. I do not understand the legal system which wants to create enmity so that cases can be fought in the court and on the day of verdicts they can expect bloodshed. Come on India. Nobody can divide us. We are one family of the human race which inhabits this earth. Michael Vincent Louis, Madurai

This judgement was predictable as it is the least likely to provoke fresh riots. Nevertheless it is a defeat for the legal framework as it is a compromising solution. The task of the court was to decide upon the truth of the claim that this land had been the birthplace of Ram. Aun Ahmed, Delhi

It is a totally unfair decision against Muslims. They have only been given one third of the share while two thirds have been given to Hindus. Muslims own this land yet they have been given nothing. It can't be proved if there was a temple in 1528 which was destroyed to make place for a mosque. Faisal, Srinagar

It is a judgement given by the Hindu judge in favour of Hindus. Muslims are betrayed by the Hindus. Hindus feel free to keep idols everywhere and built temples as they like.Kamaludeen Ahamed, Chennai

In favour of the verdict

We were very scared until the verdict was declared. Not only myself, but I can bet each and every citizen of India, irrespective of cast, creed and colour is worried, due to possibility of communal riots. People are stuck to the television and to the internet to hear about the verdict. I would request each and every citizen of India to stay calm. It's in the past and whatever has been done long ago should not be a matter of dispute now. I am a Hindu but I don't think that in any sense it would be the right choice to demolish a mosque and erect a temple. God is one and we should not discriminate on the basis of religion. Even if there is a mosque I would love to go to that site and pray to God Ram, Allah. I think that the decision of the court to divide the land among three parts is appropriate. Tarun Varshney, Gurgaon

I think this verdict will resolve a very critical issue that should never have arisen in the first place. If both Hindus and Muslims are able to forget their hate and make a peace after this, then it will be a great achievement for the country and I believe this time, they will. Kumar Tapesh, Kharagpur

It's a good and sensible decision by the court. Everybody should respect the decision and let the issue be resolved once and for all. Nobody should try to go for an appeal as it would again ignite the passions of the last decade. Let the issue be buried for ever. Amitabh Jha, Ambala

It is a great relief that the judgement has come and the rule of law has prevailed. The Hindustani tradition of co-existence finds a new direction by the court judgement today. Thank you judges and lawyers for your great toil in reaching a historic conclusion - a new history is created today. Ajit Garg, Lucknow

It is a landmark in Indian judicial history and while the High Court may have taken a slightly diplomatic judgement, nevertheless, it is a breakthrough in one of the most sensitive cases in Indian history. Now all that is required of the parties concerned is to accept this judgement and implement it, so we may end the decade-old conflict over this issue. Ankit, Nagour

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