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Working Lives: Qatar

While oil and gas have been Qatar's main industries for decades, the future mainstay of wealth generation could be education.

Niall Brennan is British but his family has lived and worked in Qatar for decades.

In that time they have built the only wholly western-owned business in the country, Park House, a private school for children from nursery through to 18 years of age.

Niall has been permanently based in Qatar for the past five years as managing director of a school business with an annual turnover of more than $8m (£4.92m).

He has seen a big explosion in demand for places right across the education sector as more people come to live and work in Qatar.

"You can't build an instant school, it takes two or three years to build. I think we're getting there," he says.

Park House has more than one thousand pupils from 64 different nationalities, and there are now four applicants for every place where the fees are $15,000 (£9,188) a year.

That's good business for Niall, who considers Qatar to be a wonderful place to live and work.

"I don't understand why everyone isn't here. The job opportunities are fantastic. Lifestyle is one of the things we get when we move out here."