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Working Lives: Qatar

The daughter of one of Qatar's richest men, Dana Alfardan has everything money can buy but she says she wants to succeed in her business career.

In her mid twenties, Dana is an active director in the family property development company, the Alfardan Group, where she oversees much of the construction of new luxury apartments in Qatar's capital, Doha.

"Choosing materials, ordering this, changing the structure, choosing the doorknobs, my father and I look at details down to the doorknobs," she explains.

Dana combines this with another role as head of corporate communications in the jewellery division of the Alfardan Group.

Jewellery is where the Alfardans began to amass their $3.5bn (£2.15bn) fortune.

Dana is well aware of the role that precious stones and metals have played in her life.

"Pearls are always going to be a lasting pre-occupation for me and my family," she says, adding: "My name means 'pearl, the most valuable pearl'."

When not working, Dana spends time at the family's estate outside Doha, where she tends the private zoo her grandfather founded.

But there is a business interest for her here too. She is taking an active role in developing the organic farm on the estate which now supplies food for businesses in Doha.