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Working Lives Kenya: CEO

Dr Gachao Kiuna is part of a new, younger generation of Kenya's business elite.

He has a vision for the country. As the CEO and managing director of one of Kenya's biggest investment firms, Trans Century, he has the money to back that vision.

He was a co-author of Kenya's economic development plan for the next 25 years - Vision 2030 - and is clear where his commitment lies. "The infrastructure side of things is really very important," he says.

And so his company is investing in railways, and power transmission and data cables, laying the foundations for Kenya's growing economy.

Still only 34 years old, Dr Kiuna originally wanted to be a doctor, but ended up with a biochemistry degree and a PhD in genetics and biotechnology. His interest in business developed from trying to find ways to make science more commercial. He earns about $20,000 (£12,350) a month.

With responsibility for many different companies, how does he manage his time? He says he learned those skills with the management consultancy McKinsey, and says he tries to spend most of his time on the five to 10 really big things that will make a big difference to his companies.

With so much to do, and a young family now, time is money and Dr Kiuna has to delegate and not be tempted to micro-manage each company. "With the kind of job I do you can work seven days a week, there's always something to do, so you have to be able to set boundaries."

He thrives on the opportunity in front of him - an opportunity to transform Kenya's economy. Which could also make him a very rich man.

"I think every Kenyan has an entrepreneurial streak in them," he says.