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Working Lives Kenya: Bus driver

Wambui Gitonga is a stay-at-home mum who turned the school run into a business opportunity.

Ms Gitonga fizzes with energy when she talks about her children. It is clear her family comes top of the list of her priorities. But, like many Kenyans, she is also an entrepreneur.

Ferrying her two boys to and from school every day, she found more and more parents looking for a solution to their own school run problem.

Knowing they were willing to pay her to transport their children, she hired a seven-seater minibus and started a company. "I could have my cake and eat it," she says. She replaced a part of the income she gave up after leaving her job as a chartered accountant in a finance company, without losing any of the time with her family.

Ms Gitonga earns about $800 (£500) a month now. She earned five times that in her previous job. But the time gained is more precious she says. "I only have these kids for eight to 10 years before they go off to high school, so I won't have time with them then."

Since starting the business five years ago, she has teamed up with a group of like-minded parents. Together they now operate eight different minibuses, and have expanded the business from buses to executive taxis as well.

She says she is now richer as a person rather than in her pocket, but given her entrepreneurial skills, she may well be both in the future.