Working Lives Athens

media captionWATCH: Cinema operator Thomas Maniakis says running the cinema is very much a family affair

Thomas Maniakis is 74 years old. He runs the open-air cinema at Thiseio, which has a beautiful view of the Acropolis.

Mr Maniakis arrives early in the morning and leaves after the last film has finished screening late at night. He runs the cinema with his family and together they do everything. Apart from running the business, Thomas is also the projectionist, he selects the films and he helps clean up - including the toilets.

Despite the crisis, his business is surviving, and he believes that no matter how difficult things are, people will find a way to come to see films in order to forget about their worries - as long as there is a good movie on.

He doesn't believe the financial crisis affects his business as much as the poor quality of films today. "Show me today's Houston, Peckinpah, Monroe," he asks. At his open-air cinema, Thomas screens old American and European classics. Last year he ran North by Northwest for two months - it was a huge success.

During the winter months the cinema is closed but there's still a lot of work to be done, looking after it and preparing it for the summer season.