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Working Lives Mexico: Wrestler

Princess Sujei is not a woman to mess with.

One of the most successful wrestlers in Mexico, she is an enmascarada - meaning she always appears wearing her mask.

Sujei is known as the "Destroyer of Foreigners", having repeatedly beaten visiting female wrestlers in the ring. She plies her trade at the Mexico Arena, a place she describes as the greatest school of feminine wrestling in the world.

She trains for several hours a day to be at her peak condition for the carefully choreographed battles.

But despite the training, she has suffered some nasty injuries. She has a metal plate and pins in one foot and once badly broke her ankle during a fight. Her scars are proof, she says, that wrestling is a contact sport, and not a pantomime as some suggest.

Wrestling is a world dominated by men and in Mexico the maschismo culture is very prevalent. Yet Sujei believes she has always been able to prove her worth by showing the men that she is more than capable of competing at their level, both inside and outside the ring.

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