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Working Lives Mexico: Taxi driver

Alejandro Toral was forced to find new work with the global economic crisis of 2008.

The bank he worked for was laying off staff and after many years in their employment, Mr Toral was faced with a tough decision.

He chose to use his savings and settlement pay to buy a taxi.

"At first it was frustrating," he admits. "I thought I had more to offer in the world I was trained for."

But little by little the taxi service is working out well for him.

"We're trying to do something a bit different," he says. "Given the bad reputation which taxi drivers have received in Mexico City over the years, we want to provide a high quality service so that customers keep coming back".

He works long hours, and there are obvious disadvantages: the constant threat of crime, or an accident on Mexico City's dangerous roads. But he brings home around the same amount of money every month as he did at the bank.

And his wife and three sons support his decision fully. He says his boys see the sacrifice he has made and he hopes it inspires them to continue their studies and echo his work-ethic when they graduate.

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