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Working Lives India: Ad sales

Jhinuk Saha is a 28-year-old literature graduate from Kolkatta who now works for Google in Hyderabad.

She is an only child, and when she told her parents about her move to Hyderabad, initially they were upset. But when her father heard she had been offered a job by Google, he said she "had to take it".

Jhinuk has many Indians' idea of a dream job. She gets picked up by a courtesy cab every morning, and, as she says, "Google takes care of everything". Her friends are amazed that four years into her stint there, she still cannot cook. But food, recreation, gym and relaxation are all provided by this global giant. And all for free.

Enter its doors, and you leave India behind. There is a 'breakout' zone on every floor - complete with snooker, table football, cappuccino and snacks on demand, and funky sofas and artwork to help the staff relax and break out of the monotony of everyday work.

Dress codes are non-existent. This suits Jhinuk, who hates dressing formally, especially at 7am every day.

She works as a strategist in the adwords team, helping advertisers buy and promote advertising on the Google adwords platform. She supports Australia, and works from 8.30 to 5.30, sometimes ending her days with an aerobic class courtesy of Google, before she heads home in the paid-for cab.

Work she says, "is the best activity", and loves working at her desk with her music on every loud.

Her advice to others who aspire to her job - "be cool, be chilled out, and spaced out. But you cannot be dumb."