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Working in Malaysia

Six very different characters talk about their working lives.

Wardina Safiyyah is a Muslim model and TV host, hoping to change the perception of beauty in a Malysian'tudong'.

First-time politician Hannah Yeoh is waging war on the race politics she feels are entrenched in the national psyche.

Shopkeeper Santhosam Palanisamy works long hours in his shop in the urban slums of Kuala Lumpur, saving hard to send his daughter to university, while government worker Ravindran Devagunam is hoping to make Malaysia a better place, after sixteen years abroad because of the lack of opportunities at home.

These are just some of the stories revealed to us through six characters and their daily working lives - what do these stories tell us about Malaysia today?

Working Lives Malaysia will be shown in full on BBC World News on Saturday 27th August at 0030, 0730, 1930 GMT and on Sunday 28th August at 1230 GMT.