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Surviving as a taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur

Mohd Nasir Isa, 54, has been driving a taxi for the last four years.

He counts himself as part of the "urban poor" because he makes about $500 (£307) a month. Mr Nasir says it is not enough to survive on in Kuala Lumpur as a single parent, especially with the price of food going up.

As a Malay, Mr Nasir is entitled to benefits like cheaper housing, and priority in scholarships and government jobs over ethnic Chinese and Indians.

This is part of an affirmative action policy to redistribute wealth to the Malay majority but Mr Nasir says he has not benefited from this plan.

After four decades of affirmative action Malay families like Mr Nasir's still earn less than the average Chinese household.

The government acknowledges that some people have manipulated the policy but they have pledged to revamp the system to target the Malays who need it most.

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