The Health Show


The Health Show is a groundbreaking new series covering the most important and dramatic health stories from around the world.

From biotechnology to genetic analysis, to new drugs and treatments, we report on the latest scientific and technological advances.

We will be exploring the most innovative solutions to global health challenges, especially where vulnerable people are most at risk.

You can get involved too - check out the box to find out how to get in touch - and learn more about the reports featured on the show.

The presenters

Dr Ayan Panja

Ayan is a practicing family doctor in the UK. Hailing from a medical background, he attended the Imperial College School of Medicine, qualifying with his medical degree in 1999.

After this he worked in various hospital posts including obstetrics, emergency medicine and paediatrics before becoming a GP. He has clinical interests in men's health, illness prevention, psychology and medicine and nutrition.

He has been a medical expert on radio, TV and in print for several years for both the BBC and other outlets. He says: "There are very few issues more important than global health and I am genuinely excited about being involved in a show which looks at health issues from around the world, something that I have been keen to do for some time now."

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The Health Show presenters Dr Ayan Panja and Dr Shini Somara

Dr Shini Somara

Shini has a passion for transforming the world of science into fascinating television. For several years she has worked in front of and behind the camera to communicate technology and scientific theory to the general public. Shini has a doctorate in mechanical engineering and was an engineer for eight years before pursuing a career in television

Shini also has a degree in classical ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance and a qualification in aerobics instruction. She has climbed Kilimanjaro and also found the time to dabble in the world of fashion modeling.

The Health Show is broadcast on BBC World News on Saturdays at 1010 and 2010 GMT and on Sundays at 0710 and 2310 GMT. The programme is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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