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Israeli TV reporter stabbed demonstrating 'knife-proof' vest

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Media captionYaniv Montakyo accidentally stabbed reporter Eitam Lachover on an area not covered by the vest

An Israeli journalist has been stabbed accidentally while demonstrating a protective vest for a TV report.

Eitam Lachover, of Israel's Channel 1, was asked to don the supposedly knife-proof jacket and be stabbed several times in front of the camera.

But the knife penetrated the vest and he suffered a slight cut to his back which required stitches.

Israeli soldiers are due to receive the same safety vest following a recent wave of stabbings by Palestinians.

Yaniv Montakyo, a vice president of the company that makes the vest, told Israel's Channel 2 that he had stabbed Mr Lachover in a section of the vest where there had been no protective material.

He said that an earlier recording had been successful and the reporter had not been harmed.

Linda Bar, a spokeswoman for Israel's state broadcaster, said the report would be broadcast on Wednesday despite the mishap.

Mr Lachover said on Twitter that he was discharged from hospital after receiving the stitches.

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