Mohammed Morsi verdict: 'The tables have turned'


An Egyptian court is to deliver its first verdict in one of the trials of former President Mohammed Morsi. He was ousted by the military in July 2013 after mass protests against his rule, in a move which polarised Egypt. He won Egypt's first democratic elections the year before. Mr Morsi is charged with inciting the killing of protesters, in one of four trials.

BBC Arabic's Marwa Nasser took the views and expectations of Egyptians on the streets of Cairo.

Abdelrahman Oraby, 22, student

I think Morsi will be imprisoned for life, but his supporters won't be silenced. However, nobody really has any effect on politics now. People have lost interest and they just want to live peacefully.

If Morsi is given a death sentence, nobody except his supporters would protest.

Morsi came to rule Egypt through elections; I do believe he is the legitimate president. I think he shouldn't be put on trial. We should hold those responsible for the killing of protesters accountable, but he himself wasn't the one who did it.

Ahmed Naguib, 24, a company manager

I support a prison sentence against Morsi, but not his execution. Those of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, who incited the killing of protesters, should be the ones executed.

People trusted Morsi and gave him a chance. I personally voted for a Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the last parliamentary elections. And when Morsi first came to office, I was hoping he would fix the country.

But he treated people as inferior, not as equal. He considered himself a king. It's strange he expected people to help him after that.

He should have been transparent with his people and tell them about the problems he was facing. [President Abdul Fattah al-] Sisi was smart when he asked Egyptians for a mandate. It gave him a sort of legitimacy.

Mohamed Ezzat, 55, retired technician

It's like the tables have turned. We were living in a democracy and had elections, but there was so much pressure. Nobody helped Mohammed Morsi. None of the state organisations were co-operating with him. How could he do his job if nobody else was? When a protester wanted to storm the presidential palace with a bulldozer, the police told him to go ahead.

I'm afraid he will be given a death sentence. And such verdict would set people on fire.

Aya Ahmed, 20, Fine Arts student

The verdict against Morsi will be retaliatory. We have seen how people were thrown in jail even though they haven't even been enemies of the state. Many people were given death sentences. Of course Morsi will be given a similar sentence. That will be the end of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This verdict and other unfair ones establish a country of injustice. Even expressing opinions peacefully now could lead straight to prison.

Morsi can only be held accountable for the killing of protesters after fair investigations. But also many have been killed since the revolution of Jan 25 [2011]. Why hasn't anyone been put on trial for their killing? Those responsible for the killing of protesters since Sisi has been in power should also be tried.

Osama Mohamed, 41, business owner

I wish Morsi gets punished for killing protesters. The just verdict would be execution in a public square after Friday prayer. I know this will get the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy the country; they haven't stopped trying to ruin it since he was arrested.

The brotherhood is supported by many countries. May God be with Sisi; explosions haven't stopped for one day. The verdict would put our minds at peace.

I voted for Morsi. I was happy in the beginning, but later I regretted my choice after what I've seen during his one year of rule. Morsi knows nothing about politics.

It would be unfair to release him. I feel the state of justice in Egypt is improving since Sisi became the president. Now we feel safe and settled and it's all that we are asking for.

Mahmoud Magdy, 27, accountant

Morsi should be given a fair trial and should be treated as any other Egyptian citizen who has committed a crime. All evidence should be considered. But I believe Morsi's trial is politicised. The state is making sure none of the Muslim Brotherhood members are being acquitted, because people would be angry. The state fears if he's released, another revolution would break out.

If he is innocent, then who is responsible for the killing of all these people?

If Morsi is given a harsh sentence, not even his supporters will really react. Where are they now? We used to see them every Friday in streets protesting but they have disappeared now. Most of them have decided not to even talk about politics, and the rest are either imprisoned or killed in clashes. Some of my friends belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. They are now afraid for their lives and their families and decided to never take part in politics again.

Om Yusuf, 37, housewife

I would be very surprised if Morsi was acquitted. All the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and the young political activists have been given harsh sentences. They will probably sentence him to death. If they want to give him a milder verdict, it will be a life sentence.

Morsi hasn't even influenced life in Egypt when he was a president. A verdict against him won't affect the country now.

Morsi wasn't the best person for his post. He was a tool. He wasn't the one planning and running things. I believe he was used by foreign entities like Hamas and Hezbollah, as we hear in the news.

It's hard to understand the political situation in Egypt. It's mysterious. It's also hard to judge whether or not Morsi is innocent. I wasn't really bothering myself thinking about it.

Mubarak himself and all his men were acquitted though we believed they were supposed to be harshly punished for his crimes. We gave up thinking about it. We had two revolutions and nothing has changed. Morsi's verdict will not change a thing.

Magda Darweesh, 58, beauty salon owner

I expect that Morsi will be executed. I don't like the fact that it's taking such a long time to sentence him. I fear they won't give him the death sentence he deserves. I'm concerned it may be only a life sentence after all these people were killed.

Of course the US won't like that. But we do not interfere in their business and they shouldn't interfere in ours. We don't care what they think.

Morsi deserves to be executed. People were getting killed at the presidential palace doors and he was inside.

We can never compare Morsi with Mubarak in the case of killing protesters. Mubarak never ordered the killing of anyone. It's true he was corrupt, but he never has been a traitor or attempted selling parts of Egypt.

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