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Yemen: Waiting for the war

Troops loyal to renegade General Abdel Hafedh al-Sakkaf in Aden (23/03/15) Image copyright AFP
Image caption Part of Yemen's army support Houthi rebels, while part remains loyal to the president

The conflict in Yemen is escalating, with forces loyal to Shia Houthi rebels pushing closer to the southern port of Aden.

The impoverished country has been in turmoil for months since the rebels took over the capital, Sanaa, after bursting out of their northern stronghold.

With pressure on Aden increasing, ordinary Yemenis there are left worrying about the future, as they told the BBC's Jeannie Assad.

Sumaya Al-Mashgari, is 24 years old, and a university student. She is an intern at a local TV station, covering social and political issues

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Media captionStudent Sumaya Al-Mashgari says she is fearful every time she goes out in Aden

Awad Alhagan, from Abyan in the south of the country, is a displaced Yemeni living with his family in a deserted school in Aden

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Media captionAwad Alhagan's family fled their home and now live in a deserted school

Abduallah Naggi, an elementary school principal in Aden, says the situation is very frightening

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Media captionSchool principal Abduallah Mohammed Abdelmuleh Naggi fears for his children's future

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