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Israeli troops kill Palestinian who rammed army base

Tractor used in attack on army base (17/10/13)
Image caption The attack is the latest in a spate against Israelis in the West Bank

A Palestinian man who used a tractor to break into an Israeli army base in the West Bank has been shot and killed by soldiers, according to a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces.

The man broke down the gate to the base, between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Military doctors treated the man for his injuries but he died a short time later. There were no Israeli injuries.

Palestinian sources told AFP that the dead man was named Yusef Ahmed al-Radaydeh.

Israeli media reports say Radaydeh was the brother of Miri al-Radaydeh, who rammed a bus and a police car, injuring two policemen, with a bulldozer before being shot dead, in Jerusalem in 2009.

There have been a number of recent deadly attacks by Palestinians on Israelis in the West Bank, as well as the shooting of a nine-year-old girl a fortnight ago.

The BBC's Kevin Connolly, in Jerusalem, says the violent incidents form an unpromising backdrop to the peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, which continue behind closed doors.