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In pictures: Cypriot banks reopen

image captionBanks in Cyprus opened for the first time in nearly two weeks as the details for the country’s EU-IMF bailout were worked out. Correspondents say the mood was one of anxiety rather than panic.
image captionFirst in line for opening time. Banks are scheduled to stay open for six hours from noon local time.
image captionDepositors face strict controls aimed at stopping a run on the banks and capital out of the country.
image captionPrivate security companies are guarding banks.
image captionUnder the new capital controls daily withdrawals are limited to 300 euros, cheques will not be cashed and anyone travelling abroad is allowed to take no more than 1,000 euros with them.
image captionCyprus needs to raise 5.8bn euros to receive the EU-IMF bailout. To do this, depositors with more than 100,000 euros will be forced to exchange some of their savings for bank shares.