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Syria crisis: Bombs 'kill 24' in Damascus suburbs

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Media captionCar bomb 'kills 16' in Damascus suburb of Qatana

Two bombs in different suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus have killed 24 people, some of them children, according to state-run media.

The first happened in the suburb of Qatana on Thursday morning, with another in the afternoon in the Jdaidet Artuz district.

Tens more were injured, many of them women and children, according to the state-run Sana news agency.

Violence has been increasing in and around the capital in recent weeks.

The reports come a day after state media said six people died in blasts at or near two government ministries in outlying areas of Damascus.

The bomb in Qatana exploded near a school, according to Sana, which blamed "terrorists" for the attack.

UK-based activist group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the blast targeted residences housing members of the armed forces, and killed two women as well as the seven children.

State TV showed footage of extensive damage to cars and buildings in the area.

Both the explosion in Qatana and the later one in Jdaidet Artuz were caused by car bombs, according to Sana.