As it happened: Israel-Gaza violence

Key points

  • A ceasefire deal which had been predicted to be agreed on Tuesday now appears to have been postponed
  • Israel stepped up its bombardment of Gaza late on Tuesday, as Palestinian militants fired around 150 rockets across the border
  • US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu late on Tuesday before heading on Wednesday to the West Bank then on to Egypt.
  • At least 130 Palestinians and five Israelis have died since in a week of bloodshed
  • Earlier, Israel dropped leaflets into Gaza urging residents to "evacuate" homes, sparking fears of a ground offensive
  • Hamas-linked militants in Gaza executed six people they accuse of being "collaborators"
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  • Aidan Lewis 
  • Penny Spiller 
  • Caroline Anning 
  • David Gritten 

Last updated 21 November 2012

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